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Affordable & Dependable Carpet Cleaning in Venice

With Angel Carpet Cleaning in Venice you don't need to live with stains and bad smells a moment longer.


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Venice Carpet Cleaning Services

There are many reasons why Angel Carpet Cleaning is #1, but it ultimately comes down to:

When you need carpet cleaning services in Venice, you expect the best. That is why Angel Carpet Cleaning works hard to provide the most exquisite clean for the most competitive price in the city. You won’t find more comprehensive services delivered by more qualified professionals.

You must be able to trust that after the technician leaves, stains will not return. That is why it is paramount that you hire a trusted Venice carpet cleaning company. But Angel Carpet Cleaning in Venice goes beyond cleaning carpets and offers a whole host of additional services.

Trained Staff

The one thing that you will quickly learn about our Venice branch is that the staff is absolutely stupendous! This is due to our training and attention to detail, which gets everyone to a higher level and then keeps everyone firing on all cylinders. You will see the difference!

Training does not stop at our cleaning technicians either. Our staff of customer service professionals and logistics coordinators take your calls and dispatch technicians so efficiently that it allows us to offer Venice carpet cleaning services with same-day appointments.

Open Appointment Times

With everything working like a well-oiled Venice carpet cleaning machine, you are only ever a single call away from getting the service you need, when you need it. But just how fast can you get service? In most cases, our technicians can offer same-day appointments.

A same-day cleaning allows for immediate emergency response. You can remove any stain and/or odor as soon as it appears without having to worry about it setting in deeper. This is also perfect for instances when you may have guests arriving later in the day.

Is right away too soon for you? No problem! We can work around your schedule and find an appointment time that is ideal for your carpet cleaning in Venice. All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know when you are looking to receive service.

The Freshest Clean

One of the worries that many Venice carpet cleaning customers have is, will the cleaning actually work? Here at Angel Carpet Cleaning, we understand that skepticism, but we assure all of our clients that we offer the freshest clean possible.

Perfection is less important than knowing what is possible for stain removal and overall cleaning goals. Not every circumstance allows for a perfect result, but expectations will always be set before cleaning begins. We guarantee that our full list of cleaning services will achieve the best possible results.

If you want carpet cleaning in Venice that promises real results, which truly improve the quality of your carpet, rug, upholstery, tile, mattress, and dryer vents, look no further than Angel Carpet Cleaning. There is no need to worry about returning stains. Once we clean something, you’ll need to make a new mess to see us again.


For a Venice carpet cleaning company to be a responsible member of the community, it is important to be environmentally conscious. That is why Angel Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to using chemicals and cleaning methods that are 100% eco-friendly.

With the use of steam cleaning, the process is already leaving almost no environmental impact. From there, we aspire to use chemical cleaning agents as sparingly as possible. When chemicals are used, they are non-harmful and dissipate in a matter of hours.

This commitment to low to no environmental harm makes sure that creating a cleaner living space does not result in a more polluted planet. So there is no need to think of your Venice carpet cleaning as having a tradeoff when it comes to your own personal green commitments.

Expert Tools

For the best carpet cleaning in Venice, you need the right tool for the job. The proper cleaning devices improve the quality of your cleaning and how quickly the job can be finished. Because speed and effectiveness are so important, expert tools are required.

Even the safety of the surfaces that are being cleaned is affected by the tools you are using. With more invasive cleaning or more corrosive chemicals, you can end up harming fabrics, which is why hiring a Venice carpet cleaning service is paramount.

When you contact Angle Carpet Cleaning in Venice, our technicians arrive at your location with all the tools required for safe, fast, and effective cleaning. And with the aforementioned training to use these tools, you get access to the best carpet cleaning in Venice.

Cheaper Prices

Cost is always a concern for anyone paying for a service, so Angel Carpet cleaning does what it can to always offer our customers a low price for high-quality cleaning. And that might be easy enough to say, but what does it translate to in terms of actual money staying in your pocket?

You can call around for other Venice carpet cleaning quotes and see what they are offering. But be careful about what someone is willing to say and what they will actually commit to when the receipt is being printed out. You need to be wary of the upsell throwing off your expectations.

The truth is that Angel wants your patronage more than every other Venice carpet cleaning company. So we are willing to work with you to get the most reasonable price. We also have our carpet cleaning blog as a resource for the customers that are unable to work with us because they are not in the greater Venice area.


Easy cleaning solutions for your home

Carpet cleaning

Get the best carpet cleaning in Venice, and you can be sure that your stains disappear, never to be seen again. Consider every spot and blemish on your carpet gone.

Rug cleaning

For on-site Venice rug cleaning or more extensive rug pick-up and clean services, look no further than Angel. Our rug cleaning services are unmatched.

Upholstery cleaning

Is your furniture in need of some TLC? Have no fear, you have found the best upholstery cleaning service in Venice, and we are only a phone call away.

Mattress cleaning

A good night’s rest is so much easier on a clean mattress. Get your bed back to its former glory with professional mattress cleaning services from Angel.

Tile & grout cleaning

It can seem nearly impossible to properly clean grout yourself. That is why hiring a tile and ground cleaning service is the best way to get the clean you need.

Dryer vent cleaning

The lint from the cleaned clothes and the heat from the dryer makes a dangerous combination. With dryer vent cleaning, you can remove this potential threat.


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Common questions and answers

How do I find the best carpet cleaning service?

The best Venice carpet cleaner is trained, efficient, and appropriately priced for your needs. Your carpet cleaning service professional should be upfront about any risks or concerns as well as transparent about the results you can realistically expect from the service.

Will the carpet cleaning technician move the furniture?

For your benefit and ours, Angel Carpet Cleaning leaves the moving of furniture exclusively to the customer. This ensures that service can begin as soon as a technician arrives, and you are happy with the placement and care taken when the furniture was initially moved.

Are there any stains a carpet cleaner can’t remove?

If a carpet stain is unremovable, a professional assessment is going to be the way to find out. There are many ways an experienced Venice carpet cleaner can address difficult stains that may seem impossible to remove via DIY techniques and homemade cleaning solutions.

How long does it take to clean carpets?

The time frame for your average carpet cleaning service breaks down to the time needed to assess the job, prep for cleaning, perform the service, and process payment. The time elapsed to complete all of this will vary depending on the specifics of the job but can fall on either side of 30 minutes.

What is the best way to clean upholstery?

For lasting stain removal and general furniture fabric cleaning, you want a trusted upholstery cleaner. This is the best option because it ensures the correct cleaning solution is used and that the padded textile covering on your furniture is not faded or tarnished by improper washing.

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