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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improve the efficiency of your dryer and limit the risk of household fires with our dryer vent cleaning in Venice

Venice Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

How long has it been since you cleaned your dryer vent? Some people have never gone through the trouble of getting dryer vent cleaning in Venice, relying on emptying out their lint trap after each load of laundry. But this is simply not enough.

To make sure that there is not an excess of lint building up in the hot vent behind your dryer, you need to make a more substantial effort. For the best results, and to decrease the amount of work you yourself have to put forth, call for dryer vent cleaning in Venice.

Angel Carpet Cleaning Venice provides dryer vent cleaning services that return your dryer to perfect working condition and reduce the chances of fires. That’s right! A stuffed dryer vent can lead to your dryer not working properly or even a home fire. So call us today for cleaning!

Prevent Venice Dryer Vent Fires 

You may have heard about the dangers of dryer fires, but the cause is often the dryer vent. Specifically, the two factors of excess lint and heat that collects in the vent. You have the fuel and the heat for a potentially devastating fire.

The heat is a must. You need the dryer to do an effective job removing water from your cloth. And that makes the warmth non-negotiable. What you can control is the amount of lint you have. Lint will lend fuel to the probable fire that can start with the building heat. This is where Angel Carpet Cleaning in Venice comes in.

With our additional cleaning services, we offer Venice dryer vent cleaning that wholly removes this dangerous kindling from your home. You might be able to clear away the lint at the entry of the vent, but total cleaning requires more training and expertise.

Professional Cleaning Guarantee

One of the biggest risks of improper dryer vent cleaning in Venice is false peace of mind. When you think you are protected from a threat, think again. You are just as vulnerable as ever. You can neglect the problem for longer than you otherwise would.

You need to make sure that the full length of your dryer vent is clean. You might not have the proper tools to fit through this pace or reach the end of the vent. If any impediments to airflow are left behind, you are likely going to experience some level of trouble with your dryer.

The great thing about our technicians is that our Venice dryer vent cleaning is guaranteed to get you the best protection from all dryer vent-related risks. The most alarming risk is, of course, the aforementioned fires. But there is also the risk of having your dryer not dry your clothing at all, as the accumulation of lint decreases the efficiency of the appliance.

Increase Dryer Efficiency

One of the tell-tale signs that you are experiencing some level of dryer vent blockage is when you notice that your clothing is not drying properly. Meaning your clothing is taking longer to dry or remains damp regardless of the dryer settings, even if you can tell the dryer is heating correctly.

What is happening is that even though the heat is evaporating the moisture from the washed clothes, the clogged dryer vent keeps the moist air from leaving the system. With the moisture trapped in the dryer, it will eventually return to water form and re-wet the clothing.

You need a clear pathway for the moist air to travel through so it can leave the dryer. That is the entire reason for a dryer vent. And with this pathway blocked by the excess lint that was created by normal dryer use, the clothing will take longer to dry or not dry at all. So get your dryer vent cleaned if the appliance seems to be heating but not drying.


Where is the dryer vent?

If you move your dryer away from the wall, you will see a silver accordion-like shaft connected to the back of the dryer and a hole in the wall. This is the dryer vent hose and dryer vent, respectively. A professional dryer vent cleaning service will clean both elements.

What does a dryer vent do?

A dryer vent allows the hot air and lint to escape the dryer enclosure. This moist air must be removed, or the clothing inside will not dry properly. So without proper dryer vent cleaning in Venice, your clogged vents will make the dryer less effective. 

Can I clean my dryer vent myself?

It is possible to clean a dryer vent by yourself, but it is not recommended. It is common for cleaning companies to never recommend doing work yourself because of the risk of damage to what is being cleaned and use of hazardous chemicals, but in this case, the risks are much greater. Fires resulting from improperly cleaned dryer vents can claim property and lives.

How do you know if it is time to clean a dryer vent?

If your clothes are taking longer to dry in the machine, this is an indication that the moist air is not passing through the vent effectively. That is often the best indication that the vent is clogged. But even before that sign, the lint is going to be a fire hazard.

What is the correct way to clean a dryer vent?

You want to pull the lint out of the vent and dryer hose. It is important not to push anything farther into the vent, as this can cause reclogging very quickly. You will need the correct tools and training. That is why it is best to call for dryer vent cleaning in Venice.

Why is my dryer vent getting clogged?

A dryer vent will naturally become filled with lint the more it is used to dry clothing. The blockage of this airway is unavoidable, but it can be mitigated by cleaning the lint trap in your dryer regularly. But even the lint trap cannot stop all lint from entering the vent. Eventually, even the most attentive dryer owner will have to clean their dryer vent.

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