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Steam Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning: Choosing The Right Service

Posted on August 11, 2022

How do you know what kind of cleaning will actually get you the cleaning results you want? Will steam cleaning do the trick, or should you opt for the more substantial deep cleaning service? Hopefully, you are using a carpet cleaning service that you can trust, so you can take them at their word as professionals.

But still, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process to know when you need deep cleaning and when steam cleaning will be enough. Take a look at how both processes work and get a better understanding of the cleaning you may want to request.

How Steam Cleaning Works

As the greenest cleaning process around, it is no wonder that so many Venice residents prefer it to chemical cleaning. That’s right! Steam cleaning is chemical-free and eco-friendly. It uses heat and pressure to separate dirt and foreign materials from fabric fibers.

Water is taken into the machine and heated up to temperatures beyond the boiling point of H20. The resulting steam is forced out of the machine’s pressurized nozzle. The nozzle can have attachments at the end of it that allow for scrubbing or brushing.

Steam cleaning is versatile enough that it can be used effectively on many surfaces that are traditionally very difficult to clean. It is the go-to cleaning process for carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. But it can also be used on a variety of furniture upholstery and even to clean tile and grout.

Steam Cleaning Uses:

  • Cleaning fabric and tile surfaces
  • General low-intensity cleaning
  • Lifting subtle odors
  • Cleaning minor stains

How Deep Cleaning Works 

Deep cleaning is a more complex and often multi-step cleaning process used when there is severe staining, odor, or a generally troublesome area where the fibers need more extensive attention. The main steps for deep cleaning are shampooing, spot cleaning, and deodorizing.

Shampooing is one of the most common practices during a deep cleaning process. The substance commonly referred to as “carpet shampoo” is a specialty liquid detergent. If you are concerned about harm to the environment or carpet, rest assured the ingredients are very similar to what you put on your own hair.

Deep cleaning for especially tough stains will require the targeted use of a spot cleaner. The chemical concoction that makes up a good spot cleaner provides a bit more cleaning power. You do not want to misuse this more powerful cleaning process, so experience is a major benefit.

When it comes to lingering smells, deodorizing is one of the most important parts of the deep cleaning. Proper deodorizing can wipe out scents that are not even detectable to human beings. This is perfect for pet stains, where the pet or other animals may still be able to sense the stain, leading to persistent re-staining.

Deep Cleaning Uses:

  • Cleaning fabric and tile surfaces
  • Targeted cleaning of severe problem areas 
  • Deep stain removal
  • Extreme odor neutralization

Final Thoughts

Most standard carpet cleaning can achieve great results with only steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can even remove certain stains and odors. But for those more troublesome stains, made with substances that do not easily wash out, you will need deep cleaning.

If you are anywhere near Venice, give Angel Carpet Cleaning a call! We can help walk you through the different cleaning options, and assess your situation to choose the best match for your needs.

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