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What Is Mildew & Why Is It On My Carpet!

Posted on September 8, 2022

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mildew is just a type of mold. And molds are just microscopic fungi. What makes mildew worth differentiating for most people is that it has a “flat growth habit.” Flat-growing is a term that is often used to describe flora (plant life) that grows relatively low to the ground.

Using plant designations might lead you to think that fungi are plants, but they are neither plants nor are they animals. And in terms of genetic similarities, they are more closely related to animals than to plants. Which is not to say that they are all that similar to animal life. (Weird, I know.)

Why Does Mildew Grow on Carpets?

As we have already touched on, mildew has a flat growth habit. This is because the microscopic spores come to rest on the ground. But sometimes the ground is a carpeted floor. And carpets can be a perfect breeding ground for mold if they are not properly cared for.

Moisture is one of the key ingredients to mildew growth. Many carpet materials can be great at absorbing and holding moisture, which acts as a reservoir for this type of fungus. All it takes is for a mold spore to land on a damp spot on the carpet, and the infestation can grow from there quite rapidly.

But you don’t even need a puddle or a spill to give enough moisture for mildew to grow. Because mildew is microscopic, it does not need a tremendous deposit of water. Even a humid environment will have enough moisture in the air for the fungus to get its fill.

How Do You Clean Carpet Mildew?

One of the best ways to clean mildew is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. It may seem like a shameless plug, but it is true. You do not want to try to clear away mildew with vacuuming or rub and scrub cleaning agents.

The sanitizing power of a steam cleaner is a must. But can’t you just rent a steam cleaner yourself? You certainly can, but if you are not properly trained in how to use a steam machine, you are very likely to overuse it.

Overuse of a steam machine leaves an excess of water. And as we have already covered, an excess of water leads to mildew growth. These spores are likely still floating around, so it is not enough to clean the area. You also need to treat the carpet to keep the mold from returning.

In Closing

Mold, fungus, mildew are all words to describe the same type of phenomenon. The health risks of leaving this type of substance on your carpet will vary, but it is never good. You are likely to see allergy symptoms increase at the very least. And in extreme cases, you can suffer severe respiratory issues.

Make sure you do not let the mildew on your carpet lower the quality of your home’s aesthetics. And even more importantly, don’t let mildew harm your health. Call Angel Carpet Cleaning in Venice for help removing the mildew on your carpet.

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