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5 Important Things To Consider Before Cleaning Upholstery

Posted on November 10, 2022

Before you dive into cleaning your upholstery cleaning, there are a few things you should be aware of. Here are the five most important things to consider before cleaning upholstery.

1. Fabric Type

When it comes to cleaning, different fabrics have different requirements. This is because certain fibers can absorb and hold stains much easier than others. Besides absorbency, you also have to worry about the sensitivity of the fabric to both what ended up on it and what you are using to clean it.

The factors like stain type and cleaning method will be covered in the next few sections, but they also play into what fabric you are cleaning. For example, when you call for upholstery cleaning, many companies will not work with leather because it is generally very tricky to clean.

2. Stain Substance

One of the primary questions you will get from a carpet cleaning service is what kind of stain do you need to remove? Stains have to be removed through different methods. In some cases, heat is better than cold, and vice versa.

Your stain communicates how cleaning should be approached. There will be further restrictions when you take into consideration the type of fabric (as explained in the section above). You also have to understand how set the stain is. For example, fresh blood has different considerations when compared to blood that dried for a day or more.

3. Furniture Condition

If you have already been neglecting your furniture, the upholstery might be damaged. Damaged upholstery cannot be cleaned the same as intact upholstery. You have to worry about micro-tears (or normal tears) getting bigger with the stretching and strain from basic cleaning.

Color that is already fading can fade much faster than vibrant and well-maintained fabrics. This is something that comes into mind with a lot of rug cleaning involving ornate or antique rugs that can be naturally more fragile. But this is a concern for all delicate fabrics.

4. How You Clean

Most people try to clean their upholstery with whatever cleaning materials they have around. This is not advised. You want the right tools for the job. Trying to make the best out of what you have is admirable many times in life, but not when you are trying to clean upholstery without causing damage.

If you use professional upholstery cleaning in Venice, they are likely going to use a steam cleaning machine. Steaming cleaning is going to be one of the most universal methods for successful upholstery cleaning, in most instances. Still, there are many cases where more specific cleaning will be required.

5. Who You Hire

You are not always the right person for the job. And if you doubt your own ability to clean your upholstery, it is best not to take the risk of damaging your future. But who do you call for cleaning? You do not necessarily need a specific upholstery cleaning company. You just need a cleaning service that has experience cleaning upholstery.

Luckily for you, Angel Carpet Cleaning specializes in upholstery cleaning, among other services. A multi-disciplined cleaner is perfect for large spills and stains that have spread onto several surfaces. But if you only need upholstery cleaning, we are still a great choice for singularly focused cleaning.

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