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How To Get Better Results When Cleaning Your Tile & Grout

Posted on October 13, 2022

Are you having issues cleaning your tile and grout? Well, we can help by outlining what you need to understand about these surfaces to get a better cleaning experience. For the best results with your tile and grout cleaning, keep reading!

Know Your Grout

Certain types of grout are more difficult to clean. The reasons for each type of cleaning complication are specific to the properties of the grout. Here is a basic overview of the three general grout types and their attributes.

1. Sanded Grout – Taking its name from its coarse sandy texture, this type of grout is difficult to clean because of its jagged nature, which traps dirt and resists mopping and sponging. It is also absorbent, so water-based cleaning can force dirty water into the grout. As the grout dries the dirt rises and re-stains.

2. Unsanded Grout – A smoother grout mixture than sanded grout, this grout type is easier to wipe down without resistance. However, it is still rather absorbent, which retains the issue of restaining, outlined in the section on sanded grout.

3. Epoxy Grout – This substance is both smooth and water resistant. The result is a surface that is very easy to clean. But the light color does make staining and discoloration more apparent, so it becomes more important to clean this surface regularly.

Understanding Stains

Stains are not created equal. Some are extremely difficult to remove. Other stains can be extremely harmful (ex: mold, mildew, and fungus, which all release spores you end up breathing). The type of stain will also let you know if it is likely to return if the source is not addressed.

In the case of floor tile, whatever is ending up there is most likely tracked in on your feet. But mold comes from microscopic spores, which could be floating around without your knowledge. You can wipe your feet or take off your shoes more, but molds require more cleaning services.

The combination of the type of stain and the type of grout can further complicate the cleaning process. It can be hard to completely scrub away tricky grime when it is on sanded grout that is resisting the scrubbing of a sponge.

Proper Cleaning SuppliesĀ 

Now that you know what you are contending with, in terms of grout and what you are cleaning, what are your cleaning supplies? Do you have the tools for the job? We have talked quite disparagingly about sponges and mops, so what is the right tool for the job?

A steam cleaning machine is ideal for tile and grout cleaning because it can deal with porous or textured tile and coarse grout. The scrubbing process cannot match the cleaning efficiency of pressure and heat, which enter every nook and cranny, removing dirt with ease.

Professional Tile Cleaning

If this short article has not cleared everything up for you to the point where you feel confident cleaning your tile, call for tile cleaning service. Professional cleaners understand the intricacies we have outlined in the previous sections and have the required equipment to perform effective cleaning.

You are unlikely to find a company that specifically bills itself as a tile and grout cleaning company, but all you need is an expert with a steam cleaning machine and experience cleaning complex surfaces. For that reason, a Venice carpet cleaning company is your best choice.

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