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What To Do If Your Carpet Still Looks Dirty After Cleaning

Posted on July 28, 2022

When you finish cleaning, it’s probably pretty weird when the carpet finally dries, and you realize it’s still dirty. Was it cleaned at all? What was the point of all of that? And most importantly, what happened?

A carpet that’s still dirty after cleaning is a much more common occurrence than you may realize. It means that something went wrong in the cleaning process, and there are a few possible culprits. And don’t worry – there are ways to get your carpet clean again.

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Here are some possible reasons your carpet is still dirty after cleaning:

  1. Wicking
  2. Incomplete process
  3. Bad materials
  4. Saturated carpet
  5. Carpet itself

1. Wicking

Wicking is probably the most common reason a carpet is still dirty after cleaning.

Essentially, when carpet soils are deep inside the carpet, sometimes a deep clean causes these soils to move up to the top of the fibers. This wicking can cause old stains to reappear or a generally grimy look.

Water grabs these particles, and as the water evaporates, it moves them to the top of the fibers in your carpet. This results in unexpected surface stains.

2. Incomplete Process

Sometimes, while cleaning, you’re going to miss a few things.

The most common thing to miss is the residue left from soap that hasn’t been vacuumed up. This stuff is vital to wipe up because it’s sticky, which makes it attract dirt. If you walk on a freshly cleaned carpet covered in soap residue, that carpet will get dirty fast.

Sometimes you have other parts of the process missing. Many people don’t vacuum after steam cleaning or rinse smaller carpets afterward. A step that many people forget is spraying detergent on beforehand instead of after. Putting it on first allows the detergent to be soaked up by the deep cleaner so it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the carpet.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of forgetting patches of the carpet while cleaning. Never overrule the possibility that the dirty part of the carpet was just not cleaned at all, and that’s why your carpet is still dirty after cleaning. True cleaning services in Venice provide the peace of mind that when the cleaner leaves, the cleaning is really done.

3. Bad Materials

Sometimes the things you use for cleaning aren’t enough.

If you rented a cheap machine from a grocery store or hardware store, these can be a bit overused and worn out, and they might make your carpet still dirty after cleaning. Likewise, if you used a clogged vacuum, your carpet probably didn’t end up very clean.

Sometimes the cleaning solution you use is not right for the carpet or the dirt. Some carpet soils don’t come out with most cleaning solutions. This is why it makes sense to use a carpet cleaning service.

4. Saturated Carpet

If you use too much water, that could spell trouble for your carpet.

A carpet over-saturated with water can become a problem. Water can seep into the bottom and cause gross smells due to the carpet soil backup often present deep inside.

Essentially, don’t use too much water on your carpets. It could cause problems and leave you with a carpet that’s still dirty after cleaning.

5. The Carpet Itself

Certain types of carpets can cause these kinds of problems to occur.

Olefin carpet can trap oils easier than other types of carpet and is just overall more prone to a dirty look than others. These may be cheap when you buy them, but they don’t last long.

Many carpets have a protective coating to prevent grime more easily. If your carpet is old, it’s possible that, while cleaning, this coating eroded, and now your carpet is dirtier than it was before. This erosion happens over time, and a new protective coating can be applied.

Sometimes worn-out fibers sink to the bottom of the carpet and then get pulled up during cleaning. This process gives your carpet a new worn-out look that wasn’t there before because the fibers were harder to spot.


Occasionally, getting a deep clean can leave your carpet looking dirty. It’s okay because this is a completely solvable issue.

You could call a professional carpet cleaner to look at your carpet and determine the issue and solution. Different problems have different fixes, so you need to have a Venice carpet cleaning professional come to your carpet and take a look.

Whatever your problem is, know that this is a pretty common occurrence. Sometimes carpets still look dirty after cleaning. These things happen more often than most people think, and solutions are available.

Hopefully, you’ve fixed your problem and now have a clean, good-as-new carpet.

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